What it is

Empowering healthcare professionals with next-generation clinical decision support


What if doctors had a reliable way to instantly know the single best care decision for all of their patients?

What it is

Proxy Med is a digital companion for healthcare professionals and represents the fastest way to get to the one best individual care decision with confidence for every possible patient case at any point of the disease journey.

Our technology (non-AI) creates digital twins of any authentic clinical expert or protocol and makes them available to the healthcare professional for a fully automated and scalable decision-making. An instant consensus recommendation for the one best patient-specific treatment or diagnostic procedure is provided by a customizable panel of these digitised experts.

ProxyMed thereby allows the direct applicability of any experts‘ current knowledge in daily practice, enhancing decision-making efficiency and standardising the optimal quality of care for all patients.

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How it works


Define your panel of experts

Create a digital twin of any authentic medical expert or clinical protocol with our efficient proprietary methodology and build your custom panel of experts.


Input of patient characteristics

Introduce a patient case directly from the electronic health record or via a guided questionnaire.


Instant Expert Panel Recomendation

Receive an automatic patient-specific consensus recommendation for the one best treatment or diagnostic procedure for any possible patient case.



Given the vast number of inquiries I receive from colleagues from all over the world, an automatic solution to assist them would be extremely helpful.
Prof. Frank Griesinger
Guideline Author, Professor of Internal Medicine-Oncology, University Medicine, Oldenburg
Clinical practice guidelines have increased dramatically in complexity and are putting many doctors under pressure to draw the right conclusions for their patients.
Prof. Jasmine Brown
Director, Sweden Institute
ProxyMed is a tool to set medical professionals up for a contemporary and reliable decision-making process.
Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Struck
Head of Center for Sensors and Digital Medicine, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Germany


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